Toilets – Repair and Installation/Clogged Toilet Repair

Any number of issues can arise regarding your toilet. You may have a leak that’s running up your water bill, strange smells coming from the pipes or a clog that’s ruining your day. If you do notice any dampness or strange smells, we’ll make the appropriate repairs and/or replace any systems that can’t be repaired.

Another common problem is toilet clogging. If items that aren’t suitable for flushing end up down the drain, you’re probably going to end up with a clog that a simple plunger just isn’t well suited to handle. So whether you’ve been flushing something down the toilet that you shouldn’t (i.e., “flushable” wipes) or if your toddler has discovered how much fun it can be to flush things, we can help locate and fix your clogged toilets.

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